Your Mission is Our Mission.  Our Team is Your Team. 

Black Fox Philanthropy is a boutique firm building capacity and fundraising strength for international non-profits and community changemakers around the world. Our mission is to help clients mobilize financial resources so they can solve complex problems on a global scale.

The Black Fox team has deep experience, knowledge and focused expertise to help organizations escape the cycle of urgency in fundraising so they can execute their work in a powerful and sustainable way.  We partner with clients to create and implement smart, effective fundraising strategies, serving as thought partners, strategic planners and an extension of client staff, when necessary.  Yet we are more than smart paid consultants; we treasure the important work being done by our clients and strive to amplify their impact so the world will be a better place tomorrow.

We have created effective strategies that attract significant and sustainable funding for NGOs operating in over 40 countries.

Black Fox Philanthropy is proud to be a Colorado-based company that is both woman-owned and a certified B Corporation.


Black Fox Philanthropy brings best practices and expertise together into a fiercely purposeful team devoted to amplifying your impact.  We are more than a group of individuals… Together with you, we are a force for good.  

Natalie Lynn Rekstad
Natalie Lynn RekstadFounder & CEO
Superpower: Leveraging a strategist’s mind and philanthropist’s heart to attract significant and sustainable funding for global NGO clients.
Susan Bachar
Susan BacharPresident
Superpower: Deploying deep international development experience and communications skills to develop smart, effective client strategies.
Stephanie Virbitsky
Stephanie VirbitskyBusiness Development Consultant
Superpower: Using ideas and insights to create action plans with tangible results.
Julie Cullings
Julie CullingsExecutive Assistant
Superpower: Providing exceptional client care with your mission in mind.
Stephanie Poe
Stephanie PoeBusiness Technologist
Superpower: Harnessing the power of technology for global impact.
Toby Banks
Toby BanksDirector of Funder Research & Advancement Specialist
Superpower: Finding strategic points of entry to expand and diversify funding and ensure financial and organizational success.
Kate Lessman
Kate LessmanPublic Relations & Social Media Strategist
Superpower: Elevating client’s visibility and brand recognition through public relations success and social media.
Molly Brooks
Molly BrooksCommunications Specialist & Writer
Superpower: Developing compelling messaging to help clients connect to the hearts and minds of potential partners in a way that inspires funding.
Natalie Au
Natalie AuWriter & Special Projects Lead
Florence Mui
Florence MuiFunder Research & Advancement Specialist
Superpower: Building prospect pipelines for NGO clients through attentive analysis of clients and potential funders.


Our primary driver is global social impact, and becoming a B Corp is our public stake in the ground as a leader in redefining success in business.  B Corporations are leaders of the global movement of people using business as a force for good. The “B” stands for Benefit, referring to the positive benefit that B Corporations have on their employees, customers, community and environment.  Certified B Corporations meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. It’s like Fair Trade certification but for the whole business, not just a bag of coffee (or LEED certification, but not just for a building).

Our decision to become a Certified B Corporation came from our team’s dedication to acting with integrity and our dedication to changing the world through our business, not only through helping our nonprofit clients attract vital funding, but through our commitment to ensuring that every aspect of our business serves to make the world a better place for ourselves, the clients we support worldwide, and for generations to come. B the Change.


Black Fox Philanthropy is committed to helping to build a generation of socially conscious citizens, particularly this generation that has put a stake in the ground on being the ones who end poverty within their lifetimes.  Each year, we award one scholarship to a top high school-age girl in Colorado who demonstrates great potential for leadership in the social sector and beyond. These young leaders imagine a world that is free of human trafficking, where healthcare is accessible, our children are nourished and safe, diversity is embraced, the earth is cherished, there is equality for all, and local, national, and global communities thrive.  Awards may be used to support academic pursuits or for postsecondary education.

2014 Inaugural Black Fox Scholars Maddie Murray
and Sarah Bachar with Natalie Rekstad

2016 Black Fox Scholar Sofia Wallasch with BFP Founder & CEO Natalie Rekstad

2015 Scholars Caitlyn Holt, Kim Berg, and Aisha Augustin

2017 Black Fox Scholar Alanna Jackson with BFP Founder & CEO Natalie Rekstad

Sofia Wallasch gives the Keynote Address for the Girls Leadership Council at the 2016 WFCO Luncheon

2018 Black Fox Scholar Diana De La Rosa with BFP Founder & CEO Natalie Rekstad