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Black Fox Philanthropy is an organization fiercely focused upon philanthropic scale through engaging organizations in high-impact strategies and execution. We believe that an integral component of that strategy is to build a pipeline of socially conscious citizens and corporate executives.

2017 Black Fox Scholar Alanna Jackson with BFP President Vanessa Pierce and BFP Founder & CEO Natalie Lynn Rekstad

10% of Black Fox Philanthropy profit is reinvested in Black Fox Scholars, a financial award given each year to one of the top high school-age girls in Colorado who demonstrates great potential for leadership in business and philanthropy. These awards may be used during high school to support academic pursuits or for postsecondary education.

Why business and philanthropy?

According to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the share of MBA’s earned in the U.S. by women has remained stagnant at 35 percent for the last decade. Yet an MBA remains a key stepping-stone to the executive suite and to tremendous financial success. Further, research shows that the reason more women aren’t getting an MBA is because they wanted to do something worthwhile and make the world a better place.

Because we are interested in scale, and business is still the most powerful engine of the global economy, we see business as a compelling vehicle for tremendous social impact. So while some of our awardees may go on to become nonprofit and political leaders, STEM careerists or physicians, our vision is that most will go on to become C-Suite executives, and participate on corporate boards. Our goal is for them to lead those companies with integrity and a vision for embracing service and philanthropy as a core part of their organizational mission and values.


2016 Black Fox Scholar Sofia Wallasch with BFP Director & Chief Strategist Vanessa Pierce and BFP Founder & CEO Natalie Lynn Rekstad


2014 Inaugural Black Fox Scholars Maddie Murray
and Sarah Bachar with Natalie Lynn Rekstad


Sofia Wallasch represents the
Girls Leadership Council Class of 2016


2015 Scholars Caitlyn Holt, Kim Berg, and Aisha Augustin


Sofia Wallasch gives the Keynote Address for the Girls Leadership Council at the 2016 WFCO Luncheon

These young leaders imagine a world that is free of human trafficking, where healthcare is accessible, our children are nourished and safe, diversity is embraced, the earth is cherished, there is equality for all, and local, national, and global communities thrive. Black Fox Scholars are warriors in service to this dream.