The Power of Courage | Reflections on the Women Moving Millions Summit

By Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy I often spend part of my Sunday mornings reflecting upon the week:  What has moved me, what has brought me joy, and ways I can show up differently, better, in my work and life for myself and for others.  This Sunday was different due to [...]

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From Stethoscopes to Spreadsheets: Our Summer Intern’s Experience

By Caitlyn Holt, Black Fox Philanthropy Summer 2018 Intern As a kid, there was not a single doubt in my mind that I was going to be a veterinarian. I planned my whole life around it and even bought a small animal stethoscope in 8th grade to start my career. This was the plan until [...]

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To the 6th Grade Class of SHOFCO Girls School in the Kibera Slum | What I wish I had known at your age…

by Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy, LLC I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit our client Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), in the Kibera slum in Kenya last month, and while this NGO focuses upon three levers which empower communities to transform urban poverty to urban promise, I was most blown [...]

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SDG 5 and Why It Matters: What If Women…

By Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy I was invited to speak on a panel last month at Renaissance Weekend in Beaver Creek, Colorado on the topic of “What if Women …” (Meaning, how would everything in the world be different if the female half of humanity had not been more-or-less locked [...]

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What to Do If Your NGO is Declined Funding

UPDATED: While traveling in Kenya to work with the Segal Family Foundation African Visionary Fellows, Natalie delightedly read Black Fox’s latest blog post.  She had some additional advice to share, so here is an updated version that has been, as we call it, “Natalie-ified!" A denial letter or email from a funder can be disheartening, but [...]

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Skoll World Forum 2018 | The Year of The Woman

By Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO Each year, nearly a thousand of the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs, key thought leaders, and strategic partners come together for the Skoll World Forum to exchange ideas, solutions, and spark collaboration.  Located at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, the Forum is comprised of an extraordinary community [...]

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Philanthropy in the Home | How Sons and Daughters respond based upon Gender

By Natalie Rekstad, Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy My personal philanthropy primarily focuses upon women & girls, and on March 13th in Denver, Colorado, I was fortunate to attend the 2018 release of Women Give, the signature research report of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute that studies gender differences in charitable giving. This year’s report [...]

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PEACE CORPS: A New Era of Possibility through Documentary Film

Republic of Mali, West Africa, 1993.  Twenty-three year old Alana DeJoseph followed the village midwife through the African night with only a kerosene lantern to light winding paths leading to a small, round, mud hut where a young Malian woman reclined stoically. Inexperienced, scared, and resolute, Alana did more than show up as a Peace [...]

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The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur

by Natalie Lynn Rekstad, Founder & CEO, Black Fox Philanthropy Jonathan at a San Francisco Book Launch earlier this month In The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur, Jonathan Lewis does more than inspire readers to “kick injustice in the ass, twice” through social entrepreneurship; he describes his own unfolding as a social justice warrior, weaving [...]

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Jacques Sebisaho, Wisdom and Warriorship by the Awful Grace of God

Written by Natalie Lynn Rekstad Cold sweat pours over the blindfold in the sweltering Rwandan heat of midday.  Exposed throat constricted, heart beating wildly, his hands bound painfully behind the trunk of the teak tree that would be the last physical connection to his homeland, to earth.  Engulfed in darkness and weak from torture, the [...]

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