Demystifying Alternative Funding Models: PRI, PFS, SIBs, and Impact Investing

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The world of nonprofit financing and fundraising is quickly changing. No longer are grants the only option for a 501(c)3 looking to raise capital; in the last few years, a myriad of alternative funding models have emerged. It can be hard to understand the mechanisms underlying each model, so we’ve broken it down for you. [...]

A Message of Gratitude from Our Team

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Although these last few weeks have been brutal for many of us in the social sector, we remain grateful to be working alongside so many incredible organizations who are on the front lines of social justice, creating a more just and inclusive society.  All of us at Black Fox Philanthropy are in this work because [...]

How Will Post-Election Donations Affect Your Year-End Appeal?

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We are over a week out from the election, and news reports such as this one from The Atlantic are reporting a sharp increase in donations to some non-profits, particularly organizations working in causes related to key campaign issues, such as the environment, civil liberties, immigration and women's rights/healthcare. Since Donald Trump was made President-Elect, [...]

After the Election, Finding Hope in Philanthropy

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By Vanessa Pierce, Director & Chief Strategist, Black Fox Philanthropy We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. -Martin Luther King, Jr. Like nearly 60 million of my fellow Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton for President, I was in a state of shock and disbelief the night of November 8.  The next [...]

St. Boniface – Rising Strong for Haiti

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The devastation in Haiti is harrowing.  Hurricane Matthew has destroyed up to 80% of homes in the south of Haiti and has only compounded the devastation of the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.  The death toll has reached nearly 900 with hundreds of thousands more Haitians displaced or made homeless by the storm's devastation. [...]

Jonathan Lewis: On The Side of Hot Dogs and Humanity

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As our team gets ready to head to Opportunity Collaboration (OC) next week, we’re delighted to share with you a biased profile of Jonathan Lewis, beloved friend, the Founder of OC, and so much more.  Read on! Written by Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy, Natalie Lynn Rekstad Jonathan Lewis has a passion for [...]

Giving Out Loud

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Note: This post originally appeared on Women Moving Millions' Bold Voices Blog.  As I mark my 50th year on earth, I reflect upon a harrowing and rich “soul curriculum” that fuels a passion for impact, particularly around issues facing women and girls.  In short, our deepest passions often spring from our deepest wounds.  I discovered [...]

Annual Appeal: A Necessary Evil?

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During my tenure as a Director of Development, and later, as a Vice President of Advancement, every year, right around August 15th, I’d start to get a little pit in the bottom of my stomach.  It wasn’t that it was almost time for school to start or that the busy Fall charitable event season was [...]

The Mystery and Mastery of Opportunity Collaboration

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As a former art curator, I marvel at the audacity and talent of landscape painters. How is it possible to capture such sublime majesty with humble pigment, canvas, and fine or coarse-haired brushes? Attempting to interpret and describe the experience of Opportunity Collaboration is equally daunting. While I am no virtuoso with a pen, I [...]