The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur

by Natalie Lynn Rekstad, Founder & CEO, Black Fox Philanthropy Jonathan at a San Francisco Book Launch earlier this month In The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur, Jonathan Lewis does more than inspire readers to “kick injustice in the ass, twice” through social entrepreneurship; he describes his own unfolding as a social justice warrior, weaving [...]

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Demystifying Alternative Funding Models: PRI, PFS, SIBs, and Impact Investing

The world of nonprofit financing and fundraising is quickly changing. No longer are grants the only option for a 501(c)3 looking to raise capital; in the last few years, a myriad of alternative funding models have emerged. It can be hard to understand the mechanisms underlying each model, so we’ve broken it down for you. [...]

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How Will Post-Election Donations Affect Your Year-End Appeal?

We are over a week out from the election, and news reports such as this one from The Atlantic are reporting a sharp increase in donations to some non-profits, particularly organizations working in causes related to key campaign issues, such as the environment, civil liberties, immigration and women's rights/healthcare. Since Donald Trump was made President-Elect, [...]

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