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PEACE CORPS: A New Era of Possibility through Documentary Film

Republic of Mali, West Africa, 1993.  Twenty-three year old Alana DeJoseph followed the village midwife through the African night with only a kerosene lantern to light winding paths leading to a small, round, mud hut where a young Malian woman reclined stoically. Inexperienced, scared, and resolute, Alana did more than show up as a Peace [...]

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Jacques Sebisaho, Wisdom and Warriorship by the Awful Grace of God

Written by Natalie Lynn Rekstad Cold sweat pours over the blindfold in the sweltering Rwandan heat of midday.  Exposed throat constricted, heart beating wildly, his hands bound painfully behind the trunk of the teak tree that would be the last physical connection to his homeland, to earth.  Engulfed in darkness and weak from torture, the [...]

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The Mindful Warriorship of Gretchen Ki Steidle

Written by Natalie Lynn Rekstad Raised in a conservative, nomadic military family headed by an authoritarian father with a strong sense of duty, Gretchen Ki Steidle spent her early years in a constant state of upheaval.  With the nature of a seeker, and the resiliency of a military daughter, she forged a path of exploration and [...]

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Philanthropist Profile: Jim Nowak, dZi Foundation

Written by Natalie Lynn Rekstad As the youngest of five children in a family headed by a physicist father and an outnumbered mother, Jim Nowak had a boyhood rich with freedom. He used his independence to engage the world as a classroom, bringing to his education both curiosity and determination, qualities that were to be [...]

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Erik Schultz of Thriive: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy in the Developing World

Written by Natalie Lynn Rekstad Erik Schultz grew up in Southern California, a first-generation Norwegian-American born into privilege as a result of his father’s successful pursuit of the American Dream.  Along with the tenacity and discipline that built their wealth, his father brought to America the deep love and reverence for nature that is a [...]

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Jonathan Lewis: On The Side of Hot Dogs and Humanity

As our team gets ready to head to Opportunity Collaboration (OC) next week, we’re delighted to share with you a biased profile of Jonathan Lewis, beloved friend, the Founder of OC, and so much more.  Read on! Written by Founder & CEO of Black Fox Philanthropy, Natalie Lynn Rekstad Jonathan Lewis has a passion for [...]

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