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Black Fox Philanthropy offers a variety of services to NGOs to help streamline and optimize their fundraising engines. 

While we often engage in year-long comprehensive partnerships that incorporate multiple layers, our core services are provided to organizations seeking to create or strengthen targeted areas of potential growth.

Below is a list of stand-alone services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Through data requests and conversations, Black Fox Philanthropy will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your current funding pipeline, including funders who have funded your organization in the past, funders who have declined to fund you, and funders that are already on your radar. Excluding these funders, Black Fox Philanthropy will develop a pipeline of 50 new funder prospects, based on key characteristics you seek in new funders. Out of these 50, we will identify 15 “BFFs,” or Best Fit Funders, and clearly sketch out their ability to fund at the level you seek, any linkage to your organization, and their level of interest in your work based on their stated priorities and past grantees.

Timeframe: 4 weeks
Outcome: A robust pipeline of 50 funders to refresh or build your pipeline, allowing you to focus on securing grants, not finding grants.


Objective: To prepare you for outreach to your organization’s top funder candidates.

Deliverable: Developing Core Messaging and Materials Template

Skilled Black Fox Philanthropy team members will work with you to hone core messaging and equip you with an initial letter template and other materials for your use to initiate relationships with funders.

Time and Financial Investment: One-month engagement; $1,500
Outcome: Compelling narrative and data about your work designed to capture the hearts, minds and funding of new partners.


Our team of professional grant writers will craft a three or four-page LOI for each funder from Phase Two that invites your organization to apply and complete any preliminary online application that the funder requires.

Timeframe: Ten to fifteen business days per LOI; however, shorter deadlines will be accommodated when possible.
Outcome: Completed LOIs/applications that bring you one step closer to funding. 

Download the Painless Prospecting info sheet here.

Maximizing an organization’s development capacity begins with a clear understanding of current strengths, weaknesses, staff abilities and systems. Black Fox Philanthropy analyzes the organization’s current internal landscape via a detailed intake process including an in depth interview with the primary fundraisers, interviews with key funders and board members, a deep dive into donor systems and data, and a comprehensive marketing/collateral audit. Further, a landscape analysis of the marketplace in your geographic and/or issue area enables a view of your current standing in terms of messaging, funder mix, and key funders in your space. This pinpoints opportunities for greater funding while creating a baseline from which to measure year-over- year performance and increased giving for each revenue stream.

Many clients opt for an expanded version of the Fundraising Diagnostic, which adds the development of overall fundraising strategies that will meet the fundraising growth goals of an organization. Firmly rooted in core findings in the Diagnostic phase, this strategic plan for fundraising focuses on optimal revenue streams and funding mix with a comprehensive strategy tied to your fiscal year calendar.

Timeframe: 4-8 weeks
Outcome: Clear, actionable steps for your NGO to elevate fundraising to the next level.

View the full flyer on the Fundraising Diagnostic here.

Black Fox Philanthropy creates fundraising strategies that specifically meet the fundraising growth goals of your organization. Firmly rooted in data, best practices, internal capacity, and an landscape analysis of peer organizations, this strategic plan for fundraising focuses on optimal revenue streams and funding mix with a comprehensive strategy. Comprehensive strategy engagements range from six to twelve months, with Black Fox Philanthropy often co-piloting the rollout of core initiatives.

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks following Fundraising Diagnostic
Outcome: A clear fundraising strategic pathway that maps to the resources needed to achieve your organization-wide goals.

We create the strategy and design the launch of a major gifts program for organizations that are ready to engage significant new major funders via a campaign, high net worth (HNW) giving circle, or events. The strategy and key marketing tools are based upon a deep dive analysis of donor data, benchmarking analysis of peer organizations, and utilizing focus groups comprised of existing and potential funders. The result is a comprehensive design and action plan for launching a robust major gifts program that focuses upon multi-year giving and unrestricted funds.

Timeframe: 12 weeks
Outcome: Comprehensive major gifts program with long term ROI for your NGO.

A half or full day deep-dive workshop that will increase staff and board engagement in fundraising. Our unique approach includes uncovering participant strengths, weaknesses and biases, while equipping all with the tools and confidence to be on the front lines with funders in a powerful way. The result is a more fully utilized board and staff by engaging each member more effectively and strategically.

Timeframe: One day, plus pre-retreat planning calls
Outcome: Motivated and effective board and staff members who advance your mission.

High-Stakes Fundraising Coaching 
Up the odds of deeper funder relationships and larger, long-term gifts through working with fundraising coach Natalie Lynn Rekstad, Black Fox Philanthropy’s Founder & CEO. You will develop and maximize your fundraising skill and confidence, while receiving training in donor-centric best practices. Our coaching can help you:

Create Partner-Centric Alliances with Funders
Raising funds for a cause you believe in deeply is a sacred role than transcends the transactional.  Learn to share why this work is uniquely yours to do to create trust and a linked-arms approach to deepen the shared commitment to your work with your funders.

Lead the Donor Dance
You will be guided through a proven process that connects you deeply to current and future donors.  You will emerge from your coaching sessions equipped with choreography that helps reveal your donor’s emotional link to your mission, builds your and your organization’s credibility, and develops lasting relationships that make the tough and necessary work of fundraising more fulfilling for all, notably the potential funder.

Deepen Relationships with Existing Funders
We help organizations engage existing funders in becoming champions and thought-partners while uncovering what would increase their financial engagement. We ensure clients have the knowledge and skills to steward funders in a way that will deepen relationships, and motivate funders to stay personally and financially invested in the organization long-term.

Make A Graceful, Effective & Appropriate Ask
We will guide you in how to uncover the optimal funding amount to ask for based upon key insights and cues from the funder, while creating a partner-based approach in realizing your shared vision for a better world.  This enables you to approach high-stakes funder meetings with confidence and elegance, resulting in greater funding to fuel your mission.

Timeframe:  As needed. Most clients utilize a “bank” of coaching hours over series of weeks or months, particularly when ramping up for a campaign or new fundraising initiative.
Outcome:  Expanded fundraising capacity, increased revenues, and deeper relationships with new and existing funders.

A year-end appeal is often the most underutilized tool nonprofits use to engage existing and potential funders. A strategic and targeted campaign is a coordinated effort through a variety of media to get your mission, key messages, and case for support in front of your funders and potential funders in a compelling and effective way. Black Fox Philanthropy will create the infrastructure for year-over-year success by segmenting your donors based upon priority and high and low-touch messaging, creating core content for all communications, developing a year-end calendar, and analyzing campaign results to leverage the campaign’s infrastructure and success in future years.

Timeframe: 12 weeks
Outcome: Annual campaign strategy and execution to be deployed year over year.

In the wake of disaster, NGOs working in affected areas must be able to effectively make the case for why they should receive donors’ disaster-relief dollars, accept an influx of donations, and communicate with current and new supporters. We quickly build a robust post-disaster fundraising strategy, including the creation of a comprehensive communications plan and content, all with an eye on creating long-term supporters out of first-time donors. Why does it matter? On average, only 2-3% of new donors who give after a disaster give again; Black Fox Philanthropy will help up the odds that new supporters become long-term funders.

Timeframe: Variable, depending on nature of engagement
Outcome: Communications strategy and execution that engages new donors and raises vital funds for rebuilding and relief.