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//Taylor Rosty | Research Consultant
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Superpower: Executing research with speed and breadth to unearth critical information for clients.

Taylor Rosty is a recent Wharton graduate whose empathy and passion for helping has led her to the nonprofit sector. At Black Fox Philanthropy, Taylor acts as a special consultant in research, helping the team uncover critical insights for clients.

Her interest in non-profits developed in 2012 when she worked as a tutor for Veterans Upward Bound, a local government-funded veterans education program. Her personal philanthropic interests include veterans’ issues, women and girls, and education.

Taylor has worked for multiple non-profits in a consulting capacity. She worked for the Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming as a marketing consultant, focusing on brand strategy and visual branding. In 2014, she brought the rigor of her business education to SPARK, an education non-profit with locations nationwide, and worked with the VP of Corporate Strategy to develop a comprehensive sponsorship strategy. Most recently, Taylor has worked extensively with Nonprofit Centers Network and Prison Scholar Fund. Taylor also has a strong interest in marketing and has consulted for several clients in the for-profit sector.